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Lip Balm

Lip Balm

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Introducing our premium lip balm, crafted in the pristine landscapes of Wales, featuring the unparalleled skin-nurturing properties of our homegrown Calendula flower. Infused with an extraordinary blend of organic and natural botanicals, this lip balm is the epitome of luxury and effectiveness—from seed to jar. 

Our Star Ingredient is the Calendula Flower that we have cultivated in the rich, organic soils of Wales, our Calendula flowers bring anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and skin-repairing benefits. Hand-harvested and processed by us, this golden bloom is nature's answer to chapped, irritated lips.

Organic Cocoa Butter: Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, our organic cocoa butter deeply moisturises and heals your lips, while gracing them with a subtle, chocolatey aroma.

Organic Shea Butter: Sourced from the highest quality, this creamy butter offers your lips unparalleled moisturisation, sealing in hydration to keep them soft, smooth, and luscious.

Sunflower Seed Oil: Loaded with Vitamin E, sunflower seed oil is your ultimate shield against environmental damage, safeguarding your lips from the harsh elements.

Grapeseed Seed Oil: This lightweight, non-greasy oil is packed with antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids, nourishing and rejuvenating your lips on a cellular level.

Baobab Seed Oil: Known as the 'Tree of Life,' Baobab seed oil is rich in vitamins and omega fatty acids that provide impeccable hydration and anti-aging benefits.

Vegetable Glycerine: A top-tier humectant that draws moisture into your lips, ensuring lasting hydration.

Apricot Kernel Oil: High in Vitamins A and E, this oil moisturises and nourishes, bringing new life to parched lips.

Avocado: A powerhouse of vitamins and fatty acids, avocado oil soothes and hydrates, leaving your lips supple and rejuvenated.

Organic Rosehip Oil: Jam-packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidants, rosehip oil helps in collagen formation and skin regeneration.

Organic Castor Seed Oil: Known for its glossy finish, this organic oil offers deep hydration while providing a protective barrier against environmental aggressors.

Vitamin E Oil: An antioxidant powerhouse, Vitamin E defends against free radicals and amplifies the healing process.

We've crafted this balm not just to meet but to exceed your expectations. It's more than just a lip balm—it's an experience. Glide it on to feel the instant surge of moisture, and marvel at how it absorbs seamlessly, bestowing a subtle sheen that makes your lips look as good as they feel. Embrace the confidence that comes with knowing your lips are in their best condition.

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Ingredients: Organic Cocoa butter, Organic Shea butter, Calendula Flower, Sunflower Seed Oil , Grapeseed Oil, Baobab oil,Vegetable Glycerine, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Rosehip fruit Oil, Castor Oil, Tocopherol Vitamin E

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