Our Story

Hii, i'm Tenesia. The story of our brand, Earth To Earth Organics, is deeply rooted in my personal journey. In 2004, I found myself relocating from the warm embrace of Guyana in South America to the unfamiliar terrains of England. Needless to say, the transition was challenging. England's weather was a stark contrast to what I was used to, and my skin wasn’t too pleased about it. Dry, itchy, and sensitive, it longed for some serious TLC.

In search of a solution, I crafted our bestseller, the 'Magic Butter'. Initially, it was just a personal remedy. But the incredible results weren’t confined to just me. My nephew, who had a constant battle with eczema, found solace in it. My friends couldn’t get enough of it. Encouraged by the rave reviews, my husband Danny and I realized that we had stumbled upon something special. And that’s how Earth To Earth Organics came to life. Yes, we do love our name as much as you do!

By 2022, our dreams took another leap. We relocated to the serene landscapes of Wales. Why, you ask? The move was twofold. First, it allowed us to grow our own, organic ingredients – ensuring the purity and authenticity of our products. Second, we wanted our son to grow up enveloped by nature.

Our bond with the Earth isn't just business; it's deeply personal. We are passionate about forging a connection not just with the soil, but everything that benefits from a healthy ecosystem. We are committed to cultivating a lush, biodiverse environment that nourishes not only our products but also our spirits.

Our ethos is simple yet profound: Nature possesses the power to heal – be it our skin, minds, or souls. Through Earth To Earth Organics, we aim to share this healing journey with you. Every product, every story, and every ingredient is a testament to our commitment. We hope to inspire you, our cherished customer, to forge a deeper bond with our planet and with your own skin.