Our Story

Hello! I'm Tenesia, and I'm thrilled to have you join me on the Earth To Earth Organics adventure. Our journey is heartfelt and inspired by a deep love for the environment. It all started in 2004 when I moved from a small, peaceful village in Guyana to the bustling city of London. The change was exciting but challenging, and it affected my skin, leaving it dry and sensitive.

Faced with this new challenge, I created our hero product, 'Magic Butter,' initially made to soothe my own troubled skin. To my delight, its benefits proved to be universal, offering relief to my nephew from his eczema and earning praise from friends for its effectiveness. Seeing the wonderful results, my husband Danny and I knew we were on an exciting path. And so, Earth To Earth Organics was born—a name that's dear to our hearts, and I hope it will be to yours too!

In 2022, our journey led us to the serene Welsh countryside. This move wasn't just for the scenic beauty—it was a conscious step towards growing our own organic ingredients, ensuring the integrity and purity of our products. We also envisioned a life where our son could grow, learning to cherish and respect the environment from his own experiences.

Our connection to the earth is our compass—it guides every aspect of our lives. We're dedicated to nurturing the soil and supporting all life that thrives within a balanced ecosystem. Our philosophy is simple and powerful: nature has a remarkable power to heal our skin, minds, and spirits.

At Earth To Earth Organics, every product, story, and ingredient is a testament to our adventure-loving spirit and commitment to this philosophy. We invite you to explore the natural world with us, nurturing your skin and spirit along the way. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.