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Voted Best Natural and Vegan Skincare Brand UK and Most Innovative Body Butter Provider by LuxLife.

Safe to use on all skin types. Easily apply and moisturise to rid yourself of dry skin all day without the hassle and worry of chemicals, costs or flair ups.

Shimmer Body Butter
Magic Body Butter
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Over 100+ 5 star reviews

I love the smell of their products and how my body feels after using the body wash and body oil. My husband tells me I smell like I took a shower in a Mediterranean lemon garden!!!

Shauntel S

I have sensitive skin and mild eczema, as well as sensory issues which make some creams and lotions feel really unpleasant to me, so finding something to moisturise with is not easy! The body butter feels great, absorbs beautifully, and my skin absolutely loves it. It smells gorgeous too.


Amazing products. The body oils are great for my dry skin and everything
smells fantastic. Love how refills are offered and glass bottles too! It’s now my go-to for skin/body wash products.

Samantha J

I was so pleased to find this fantastic company & have been using them for a while now. It’s been so good to find great quality re-fill bathroom products that are lovely to use and make your skin feel amazing.

Sarah D

I discovered Earth to Earth Organics a few months ago and am very happy that I did. Their Magic Body Butter is just that - super luxurious, it goes on like a dream, smells gorgeous and leaves my mature skin lovely and soft. The Sweet Rose Oil is great for more hurried days, with another lovely fragrance.

C Conteh

I use the body butters. As a person that suffers from eczema and dermatitis I can say I finally found my love. Gentle soft and generously moisturising. I use it from my natural hair face body and feet massage too! A little goes a very long way. Keep up the good work guys. Excellent!!!

Barbara Z

Earth to Earth Organics I have used their body butters for years now they are the best for your skin and with continued daily use your skin becomes the best it can be and you won’t buy any other cream!!! Thank you Danny and Tee xxx

Gemma O

I bought the body oil a while back and it leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished. However at the weekend I decided to try it on mine and my daughter's hair (We both have afro hair and mine is dyed blonde). I applied it on wet hair and straight away this left my hair feeling soft and manageable. Same with my daughter's hair. When I took my
daughter's hair out of the plaits her hair had a silky sheen to it and was still very soft. Great product for skin and hair


Sweet Rose Magic Body Butter is an absolute wonder, it keeps my skin moisturised for the entire day, I have been using this product for
several months and will be definitely continuing to. The delivery is prompt.

Beryl T

Dry, Sensitive, Frustrating Skin? Hear from our founder why it all started.

Your gateway dry skin solution... magic body butter


Our best seller and original product that started it all; Magic Body Butter is handmade with love and healing properties. If you have dry and sensitive skin, massage with our light and silky triple whipped body butter, great for helping to soothe sensitive skin issues.

Magic body butter from £11.99


Helps soothe dry and sensitive skin issues such as eczema

Lasts for over 24hrs protection

Feeds your skin natural, herbal nutrients for healthier skin

Restores moisture to you skin and easily absorbed

Safe to use on all skin types including babies/children

Plants trees and cleans up plastic before hitting oceans with every purchase

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with your product within 30 days of purchase, we'll give you a full refund. No hassle.

We're so sure our products will satisfy your skin like no other, leaving you feeling so good about yourself that we don't want you to see any risk in your purchase.

That's our guarantee to you!

Daily Value of the Magic Body Butter


At No Extra Cost

Download Your Copy Now

P.S. Remember, that’s 100% Money Back Guarantee in 30 days if you’re not completely satisfied. We know you’ll love it!


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This is Tara and John, owners of @thegreenmelonbristol a beautiful family owned, eco friendly, zero waste shop that’s recently opened in Bristol. Click on pic to read their story.

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We’ve planted 320 in Rwanda and 460 trees in Ghana so far! Thank you everyone 🇬🇭. Reforestation is immensely important to communities of people, animals, insects, soil health etc… the benefits for humankind are paramount. Together we plant trees! Thank you for making it possible💚 Thank you to @onetreeplanted 💚

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We tend to stray away from our traditional teachings while adapting to a more western ideal even in skincare. So we took it right back to basics, to the pure nourishing butters and oils that not only nourish our skin but help to protect it, especially as it gets colder. Mother Nature always has the answer, always.

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