Simple, natural ingredients to give you moisturising and nourishing results you can see and feel. Handmade with pure intentions since 2016.

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Chemcial-free . Plastic-free . Vegan . Handmade . Tested on us

Our Intentions are to create forever moments of self-care and greater health and well-being in you and the earth.

Our Story (the short version)

ETEO started because my transition from a South American country (Guyana) with warm sunshine weather to England, a country with much colder weather in 2004 wasn’t going so well (in a nutshell)… fast forward and here we are. I created our signature product ‘Magic Butter’ for myself as a cure for me and my sensitive, dry, itchy skin in the beginning and then accidently, we ended up creating a business out of it. My nephew who suffers with eczema loved it, my friends loved it and so my husband Danny and I created Earth To Earth Organics; I know we thought the name was spot on too. ;-D

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  • Kathryn M

    Truly magical. I bought this for my nephew's eczema and after putting it on just once he stopped scratching it unknowingly during the night, and it cleared up so much quicker than other creams normally recommended. My spouse and I have used the magic butter for a few years now and we're so glad we found it :) thank you!

  • Natasha W

    Absolutely love this body wash, the smell is amazing, I feel like I'm in a spa every time I use it. It really cleanses my skin without drying it and a little goes a long way!

  • Cynthia P

    Just received my latest order. Well packaged and delivery service. Absolutely adore this body butter, the texture, feel and smell and cannot be without it.

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