Earth to Earth Organics Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2023

Earth to Earth Organics Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2023

At Earth to Earth Organics, we have a steadfast commitment to sustainability, environmental stewardship, and ethical business practices. As a provider of natural and organic skincare products, we strive not only to nurture the skin but also to protect and rejuvenate the environment that nourishes us all.


Transition to Sustainable Containers

In February 2021, we took a significant step in reducing our environmental footprint by eliminating the use of plastic jars and bottles across all our product lines. This pivotal change supports our commitment to decrease plastic waste and promote a more sustainable product lifecycle. All containers are now proudly made in the UK, minimising transportation emissions, and supporting local economies.


Refill Pouches

In our continuous effort to reduce waste, we introduced refill pouches for our oils and washes in 2021. These pouches are designed to extend the life of our primary packaging, reducing the demand for new containers, and encouraging a cycle of reuse among our conscientious consumers.


Redesign of Packaging

Adopting a "less is more" philosophy, in 2021, we also simplified our product packaging designs. By minimising the use of coloured inks on our labels, we have significantly reduced the toxicological impact on the environment, proving that beauty and responsibility can coexist harmoniously.


Cultivating Connections with Nature

Gift of Seeds

Each spring, we offer our customers complimentary seed packets to inspire them to connect with the earth and engage in the joy of growing. This initiative not only enriches the biodiversity of our local environments but also fosters a deeper appreciation and personal connection to nature among our community.


Home-Grown Ingredients

In a testament to our commitment to sustainability, last year we successfully cultivated all the calendula flowers used in our popular bath salts and lip balms. By controlling this aspect of our supply chain, we ensure that these ingredients are grown in an eco-friendly manner, free from harmful chemicals and unsustainable practices.


Tree Planting Partnership

In collaboration with Ecologi, Earth to Earth Organics plants trees with every order placed. To date, we have planted 1,789 trees, actively contributing to reforestation efforts and biodiversity enhancement. This partnership not only compensates for our operational carbon footprint but also aligns with our core values of giving back to the planet that sustains us.



Our journey towards sustainability is ongoing and driven by the core belief that true beauty stems from health and harmony with the earth. Each step we take is guided by our commitment to innovation, responsibility, and ethical practices. We thank our customers for joining us on this journey and pledge to continue advancing our efforts in creating a more sustainable and beautiful world.

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