Grow With Us.. How to grow food anywhere

Growing up in Guyana I’ve always had an abundance of fresh food and fruit around me. It was normal to have kitchen gardens and backyards filled with fruit trees. After a dance/rave we'd eat boiled corn in luxurious coconut milk or tangy sliced oranges, pickled cucumbers, BBQ chicken, ital food. You name it we had it, fresh food was at the heart of our communities and at that time, back in the 80's sharing food was the best love language between neighbours especially when times were hard. I remember growing vegetables and flowers with my grandmother, my love for all things green and beautiful comes from her. I moved to England, to London in 2004 and well you know the idea of growing food was the last thing on my mind, it almost didn’t seem to be an environment conducive to growing any of the foods that i grew up on. I couldn't imagine growing pumpkin, okra, callaloo, egg plant, passionfruit etc here! Years later we’ve successfully grown many of our favourite foods and we’re here to show you how you can do it too. Honestly it wasn’t until Dan’s mum generously shared her allotment with us, that we realised how much we both missed experiencing the miracle of planting a seed and seeing its entire journey, how awesome! It rekindled our love for our planet, our bodies and really helped us to pay attention to the seasons a bit more, it started us on a love filled journey and were so happy that it did.

Don't worry your green fingers haven’t abandoned you, they are there, they just need a little nudge and a lot of love. You can grow some of your traditional foods here, it just takes a little more planning and a lot of patience, but the rewards are sooooo worth it. In this series you'll learn from many people who are on the same journey, we’ve got this, and we’ve got each other!

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