earth to earth organics founder

Our Story

Hey guys I’m Tenesia and this is our journey so far….

ETEO started because my transition from a South American country (Guyana) with beautiful sunshine to England, a country with much colder weather in 2004 wasn’t going so well (in a nutshell)… fast forward and here we are. I created our signature product ‘Magic Butter’ for myself as a cure for me and my sensitive, dry, itchy skin in the beginning and then accidently, we ended up creating a business out of it. My nephew who suffers with eczema loved it, my friends loved it and so my husband Danny and I created Earth To Earth Organics; I know we thought the name was spot on too. ;-D

We’re now living in Wales and have begun the process of growing as many of our own ingredients as possible. We believe in the ability to heal our skin, our minds and our bodies with nature and this takes us closer to ensure that our ingredients are grown in soil that’s beautifully filled with biodiversity and taken care of so that your skin and our planet can be the best it ever has.

growing ingredients for skincare

Handmade in Wales

We started like any other small business, in our kitchen with Tenesia researching, formulating and testing every product on herself, continuously perfecting it, before ever reaching the light of day for customers because we truly believe if we wouldn't put it on our bodies we wouldn't put it on yours.

We've now upgraded to our own studio and in the process of growing our own ingredients on our land in the Welsh countryside while still taking the time to hand make everything with great care and intentions.

  • Tenesia Pascal (Co-founder and queen bee)

    Tee left a long career in retail as a visual merchandising manager to persue her passion, not just of formulating and crafting beautiful skincare into a business but creating a platform where she could spark joy and help people in the most meaningful ways possible.

  • Danny Pascal (Co-founder and 'ok kinda guy')

    With over 12 years working in the television industry, it came time for a change to live a life we were passionate about. Bringing Tee's original vision for the business to life has been a beautiful journey for us all and gives Dan great purpose.

  • Kymani Pascal (the actual boss)

    In a hostile takover of the business, born in 2021 he officially took charge of every aspect of the business and still has full control over his mum and dad. His current job role is 'tester of patience'. He's recently been promoted.


Are your products handmade?
Yes. We handmake all of our butters, oils and washes right here in our studio.
Are your products 100% organic? 
All of our ingredients are either classified as organic or natural. 
Are your products vegan friendly?
Yes. All of our products are vegan friendly and free from any form of animal testing.
Where do you source your ingredients from? 
We use various ingredients produced in the UK and Ghana mainly, with other ingredients coming from all over the world and checked with suppliers for Fairtrade certifications.
Are your products free from chemicals?
All of our products are 100% free of any chemicals.
What is the expiration date for your products? 
Being natural products they can last for years but we suggest usage of the products within 12 months of opening.
I have sensitive/allergic skin, are your products a good fit for me? 
Everyone has different reactions to different things that come into contact with their skin so we suggest that you do a patch test on your skin first. Our feedback would suggest that they have helped people with sensitive skin and skin conditions such as eczema. We would always advice you to read the ingredients before considering purchase.
Can I use your products on my child's skin? 
Yes; all of our products are child friendly with no chemicals, however please always read the ingredients of our products for peace of mind. Please keep body washes away from children’s eyes as they are NOT ‘tear free’. We suggest the 'Sweet Rose' rose from the age of 3 months upwards.
Is your packaging recyclable?
Yes; all of our packaging is recyclable, made from glass or aluminium. We encourage upcycling bottles and jars for household storage where possible.
Why don't you include a sales receipt in my delivery? 
In our efforts to be more environmentally friendly we'll try to save as much paper as possible where it isn't necessary. However, we will always send you an electronic copy of your order for reference. 
Where can I buy your products?
You can buy from our online store and other online marketplaces such as: Jamii, Detangled Hair and . You can find our products in physical stores in as well such as: Better Food (Bristol), Green Melon (Bristol), Phat and Co (Bristol) and Black Pound Day (Westfield London)