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The SpringTime on The Farm Experience!

When we got the call from Zahra it was a surreal moment, she lovingly spoke to us about our brand, her company DaisyBeck studios and the opportunity to be on Channel 5, we thought waittt someone wants to film us, we’d be on telly for a few minutes…and J.B Gill would interview us… what the hey! After going back and forth with planning the details over a few weeks, we had confirmed a date and the nerves started to settle in. We worked hard to get our growing spaces up to scratch, we orderd 5 tonnes of compost, we built our raised beds in the polytunnel, cut away and uprooted lots of brambles and we were finally ready! This was our jobs list, but we had planned to complete it by the end of March, we just had to bring everything forward a few weeks, it was worth it. Look we were so nervous that we forgot to buy milk luckily our neighbours came through with two boxes for us.

March the 7th came around so fast, honestly it was a great day, the sun came out for us, the day after it snowed, and it snowed hard! Lee the camera man, Harry the camera assistant and JB Gill our interviewer was brilliant at directing us, trying their best to get us to tell our story. We were super nervous and had not done this kind of filming before, it was an entire day of take 1 and let’s do it again, it was cold, and it was a lot. The truck that brought in our compost even went into the ditch, thankfully our neighbours were on hand to call in help and one of our neighbouring farmers came with his tractor and helped to pull the compost truck out of the ditch…. It was unbelievable. On the day Kymani was such a trooper, he helped us to plant seeds, dig a few holes and pull a few weeds out. He stayed with us until our lovely neighbour’s baby sat him for a bit.

Honestly, I don’t know how the guys do it all the time, but they are great at it, by the end when we sat by the fire we were completely relaxed. We felt like we’d done a good job and that hopefully the nation would see a beautiful piece of storytelling as captured and reimagined by the wonderful team that was with us on the day and the team in the studios putting it all together. It’s a day that we will cherish and that we look forward to seeing on our screens tonight the 12th of April, you can watch it after too. I hope that you’ve enjoyed watching our segment, thank you to everyone for making it all possible. It was wonderful working with you all.


Huge hugs,

Danny, Tenesia & Kymani

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