People Planet Skin

Sometimes its not enough to talk, you have to show up, disrupt, put your money down and lead by example where you can.

When we started our business, it was never about making profit but making change. Might sound a bit odd when we consider business is essentially for  making money but is it impossible that businesses can also make waves of everlasting change too, that impact the world both locally and globally? Absolutely! Many businesses do it and make real impressions on the world in various sectors of society, whether it be socically, environmentally, mentally or financially providing solutions to issues we constantly face in the world and we are no different.

Our missions in business dictate our morals and values and what we intend to put into the world first before we recieve from it. So how do we make positive, meaningful change in a world that can seem so 'doom and gloom' on a daily basis if the news is anything to go by.


As of the end of 2021 we've planted over 920 trees in Rwanda and Ghana with our long term goal to plant 1 million trees worldwide. Will you join us in our journey to make profit profitable for all living things? Connect with us anytime if you want to get more involved. We don't bite ;-)


In our early years of the business, we used our fair share of plastic packaging. It was cheap and cheerful for a start up business like ours just to get going and we weren't as informed as we are now. It wasn't and still isn't a sustainable material to use in the beauty industry so we made a conscious change. Since 2020 we've been plastic free and so proud to have been able to offset the plastic we did use those first few years. 

To date, we've helped clean up 323kg of plastic waste that could have been destined for landfills and oceans. This is heaps and bonds more cleaned up than we ever used so we were super chuffed to be in a carbon positive position.

You can track our efforts in the link below for live updates.  


The impacts we do make may be small but it all makes a difference. Every single one of us has the ability tomake lasting change in the world. Our efforts go beyond planet focuses and we'll keep you updated on all of our ventures but for now we just want you to know...we're trying and that always counts for something in this world. :-)